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The Magic of the Holiday Season

The holiday season appeared so quickly, it seems like it was just Halloween. I'm sure that the commercialization of the season has helped to give this time of year it's frantic pace; but that is a topic for another time. I've struggled this year to get into the spirit of the season. Hard economic times weigh heavy on my mind and the burdens and worries of everyday life make it hard to recreate the joyful holidays I experienced as a child. Times when I'm sure my parents sheltered me from their own worries during the season. Reflecting on this I began to realize that maybe that is the true magic of the season, the selfless acts of our family and friends around us?

Of course I can find creativity in this magic and generosity, even in our current times. After a recent conversation with a friend, I was so impressed with how their family is handling their own tough times. With work hard to find and children that are excited and filled with holiday joy, these parents; with t…