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Collage Teaches an Old Artist "New" Tricks

It's been my experience that creative people thrive on inspiration. I know I'm guilty of it. Salvador Dali may have felt creativity itself could be inspired through imitation when he said, "Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing."
I've also noted that creativity dwindles with low energy. Try as I may, every winter gets worse and it's a struggle to find that creative spark or the time to execute the many ideas floating around in my head. I think I can place some blame on the snow our region receives. It takes twice as long to prepare to leave the house and even longer to get to your intended destination. Winter seems to be a giant "Groundhogs Day" where the days of the week are a constant repetition with little extra time to break the routine.
Inspiration is my answer to making it through the winter. I have found a great deal of inspiration in collage. I don't look at what used to be trash the same way anymore. That bottle, it m…