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Reading a Picture

The importance of photojournalism to art, history and society.Narrative art is often overlooked. Commonly found in photographs, artists throughout history in all mediums have told a story by capturing subtle nuances of a moment in time. Norman Rockwell images, especially the painting The Problem We All Live With, is an excellent example of a picture that tells a story. Painted in 1963 it tells a story of the Civil Rights movement by the postures, emotion and details of the painting which help to give clues to what was happening in the instance that image was recorded. What a great way to teach about history, sociology or basic understanding and appreciation for what shapes the people around us.Dorthea Lange'sMigrant Mother, Alfred Eisenstaedt's V-J Day in Times Square and Eddie Adam'sNguyễn Ngọc are all familiar images that tell a story of a moment in time. I think the Situation Room photo by the White House Photographer will become a famous image for that same story telli…