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What Winter Teaches us About Creativity

The holidays are over, and winter has hit us full force. I've already had enough of the snow, but this year I'm really trying to make good use of the time indoors. I have many projects and techniques on my mind to explore in my own art, both digital and mixed media. Practice makes perfect, or at least it improves technique and opens us up to more ideas. Being inside in the winter is a time of contemplation too. I am reading more and considering the happenings in my life and the world around me with more detail.
I heard on a recent news show that in economic and political times such as the one we are in, many people become more reflective on the nature of issues around them and their own beliefs. At times like these people do not want to settle for the status quo. I think I saw proof of that on a discussion that may still be brewing on a Linkedin group's discussion board.
The question posted asked whether or not creativity could be taught. To me the answer that came to my …