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Above the fold

Challenger Explodes in FlamesThe Post Standard (Syracuse, New York)Terror Hits Home (pdf) Houston ChroniclePontiff is at Peace (pdf) Daily Herald (Suburban Chicago)Saints Go Marching In (pdf) Akron Beacon JournalAll of the previous newspaper headlines were found above the fold (see the wikipedia definition,) a term still relevant today in web design. For a web designer planning a site, important information is put in an area of prominence, or above the fold. Many sites are designed so that all the information falls within the visible screen area, not needing to be scrolled to view. Well of course there is the concept of fluid grids, implemented when screen sizes began to rapidly change and even shrunk to mobile phone size. As a visual based designer who's coding experience is mostly front end and who has little love of "whiz bang" special effects on a site, I don't care much for reposition-able sites...but I digress.
For a designer visiting a site, nothing is more dis…

Happy 2011!

Hopefully everyone has enjoyed the holiday season thus far. The holidays can be a time filled with opportunities for creativity and a time we could all use to celebrate peace and understanding, no matter what our individual beliefs! I’ve been disappointed when I noticed on New Years Day that many decorations were gone. Some who hurriedly put up decorations after Thanksgiving, have now rushed to turn off or take down their Christmas and Holiday decorations, even though many of us are still celebrating the Christmas season. I guess the unity of the Christmas spirit fades fast for some. I find it sad, especially for those of the Orthodox faith who will be celebrating Christmas in January, because the spirit of Holiday songs on the radio and public and retail areas filled with festive decorations are removed before they even get a chance to celebrate their holiday.All thoughts have now turned to resolutions and the New Year, fueled by retail and marketing promotions for organizing your ho…