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Creativity is King

Buzz Words and Catch Phrases Over the past 5 to 10 years buzz words and catch phrases have been hard to avoid. The popularity of digital media has helped to spread these sayings, and the media itself is not immune to being caught up in a catch phrase cliché. Many of these phrases leave one confused as they are empty of any true meaning, or their use has been taken totally out of context. Business catch phrases are the worst culprits with sayings such as “Out of the Box,” “Transparency,” and “Taking Ownership.”
Is Content King? The phrase that stands out the most to me is “content is king,” often used to refer to digital media marketing. I wouldn’t be so arrogant as to say that creativity is more important than content. However simply putting content on display for a visitor will not grab their attention. So is the content really King, or on an equal plane and dependent on a creative vision? Grabbing a viewer’s attention visually is not just about web design; it applies to an artist’s can…